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Voter Confidence in Electoral Process

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Electoral fraud, or voter fraud, can take many forms.  Electoral fraud is any illegal act which interferes with the legitimate vote count in an election.  Acts of electoral fraud most commonly raised include voter intimidation, ballot stuffing, destruction or willful disposal of valid votes, registration fraud, and multiple voting.  Each instance of voter fraud cancels out the vote of a legitimate registered voter.  When it happens, it subverts the very fabric of our democracy.

Though measures protecting the voting process in the U.S. have advanced substantially, the U.S. is not immune from electoral fraud.  Voter fraud does occur.  What is unknown is to what extent it occurs.  Especially when elections are close, such as the 2000 U.S. Presidential election, allegations of electoral fraud can shake the confidence of the entire voting public.  The number of proven electoral fraud / voter fraud cases is extremely low in recent times in comparison to the numbers of votes actually cast in elections.  However, these statistics reflect only the instances in which fraud has been discovered.  Actual voter fraud is impossible to calculate.  

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